These thin shards of chocolate contain a rich and intense wild mint oil combined with little pops of sugar caramel pieces all making for a lovely shareable treat with a friend and a coffee or after dinner.

A strong Orange oil is extracted from the famous Seville Orange and has a wonderful warming and contrasting effect to the 54% medium dark chocolate and crunched sugar caramely pieces.

The infamous Italian lemon makes a strong citrus oil, which we then infuse into our signature medium dark 54% chocolate and make into delicious thin and crispy shards.

Salted Caramel

This 54% medium dark chocolate contains  little pops of sweet sugar caramel  and a sprinkling of Achill Island sea salt crystals to complete the bitter-sweet-slaty combination.

Maple Pecan

There is an art to perfectly roasting pecan nuts and glazing them with Canadian maple syrup and bringing the combination to the point of crunchy sticky and sweet. This is added to our 54% medium dark chocolate recipe and we have a nut lovers dream come true!

Seville Orange

Seville oranges are known for their bitter bite. They are wonderful in a marmalade and even more wonderful in a medium smooth and rich dark chocolate. This chocolate combination will warm the heart and soul!

Wild Mint

Dark Chocolate and mint is a tried and tested combo loved around the world. Using a  wild mint takes the experience to a more intense menthol experience.