My name is Darren. Chocolate is my craft, my trade, my passion, my world, and my happiness comes from seeing happy faces enjoying my creations. Growing up in Ireland, I like everybody else had one view on chocolate and consumed it as a commodity. That was until I discovered what chocolate could be! Not just something that is consumed, but savoured and experienced.

I also believe in clean and as few ingredients as possible! This is why we have Cocoa Bean Chocolates! We are a new collaboration of Magic Mayan Chocolates and Skelligs Chocolate. This is the next evolution of our ranges of yummy treats.

Much of the chocolate manufactured and consumed worldwide can have a negative impact on our plant! From unsustainable farming to heavy food miles.

Cocoa Bean Chocolates ensures sustainability through our cocoa producers’ investment in Cocoa Horizons which ensures a better life for cocoa farmers and where possible, we, source local Irish ingredients. All out chocolate is Plant Based, Gluten Free and Vegan friendly. Add to that the wonderful magic of infusing chocolate with moreish flavours and we can deliver some new flavours combined with creating a vegan friendly version of customers all-time favourites.

Into the future: as we do not have a planet B, we have no choice but to take care of the only one we have. My goal is to continue to share this love and passion for plant-based chocolate, introduce new flavours and styles of chocolate while staying true to my core values!