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Gone are the days of bland, watery hot chocolate; this is the way forward. We looked to the sultry cafés of Paris for inspiration. Our hot chocolate has the naughty, velvety indulgence of melted chocolate.
Oo la la.

Available as:
- Milk Hot Chocolate
- Dark Hot Chocolate
- Cinnamon Hot Chocolate
- Chilli Hot Chocolate

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Serving Suggestions...
1. Heat your milk in a saucepan (about 200ml, or a mugful, per serving)
2. Add approximately 2 tablespoons of hot chocolate beans per serving.
3. Whisk thoroughly.

This is where the fun starts.

If you like your hot chocolate thick, rich and strong, add more chocolate per serving - serve in a demitasse, and enjoy like an espresso. A deep, dark hit of chocolate. ( You should try this with a Skelligs Coffee Stirring Stix on the side - pure Mocha delight!)

Or make sure the kids are out, add more milk, put your feet up and enjoy latte style. A long, slow satisfying indulgence to take your time over.

Use our plain hot chocolates to experiment with your own additions and infusions. May I suggest a little nutmeg in the milk hot chocolate, or perhaps a hint of orange zest in the dark? Play away….

Too hot outside? Chill out. Put your cooled hot chocolate in the fridge. Leave to chill completely and then whisk to make the sexiest milk shake you will ever experience.

Cocktail hour. Chill your hot chocolate as above, throw in a shot or two of Baileys and serve, over ice in a martini glass for the ultimate in Irish cocktails.

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