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Well, what can we say. They work together! There is an undeniable chemistry between fruit and chocolate.

Available as:
- Dark Orange Peelies
- Milk & Dark Dipped Apricots
- Dark Dipped Ginger

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Dipped Apricots

When it comes to the apricots it is all about the bite! This is one of those truly pleasing things, like the noise of the first glass of wine being poured! The sun dried apricot sits at the centre, plump and succulent. The chocolate surrounds it, a satisfying layer, enough to put up the slightest resistance to your bite and then crack! Your teeth break though the crispness of the chocolate shell and fall, helplessly into the waiting apricot. Very moreish.

Dipped Ginger

Our ginger. This ginger is a feisty young lady, the dark chocolate a charming man. The ginger tingles heat across your tongue, the chocolate smoothes it away. It is not the most obvious of relationships but there is sizzling chemistry. It is a most seductive courtship


Orange Peelies

Delicate strips of the finest Provencal oranges, exquisitely preserved and then enrobed in a thin layer of dark chocolate. The flavours are something else - the sharp, zesty bite of the orange tailing off to just the slightest sweetness complemented by the intense robust flavour of the chocolate.


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