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We create this range of chocolates for people who prefer solid chocolate but want a bit of excitement in their lives! Great chocolate doesn't need to be staid and serious; through our deliciously frivolous flavours and oh-so-pretty packaging we have put the giggles of self indulgent excitement back into a bar of chocolate. Our unique 'one for you - one for me' bar design is great if you are reluctantly pacing yourself or even more reluctantly sharing.


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Rose and Pistachio -

Inspired by Turkish Delight but without the gooey bit. Heady notes of rose blend with the milk chocolate and are complemented by the crunch of vivid green pistachio nuts.

Sea Salt -

Some people don't understand this chocolate but those who do really get it! A sweet dark chocolate sprinkled with crushed flakes of Maldon sea salt. The chocolate melts first - smooth and creamy, the salt stays subtle, just playing slightly with the sweet and savoury tones of the chocolate, then as the cocoa butter melts releasing the salt you get a slight tingle of salt across your tongue before it all melts cleanly away. Oh it is good.

Gin and Tonic -

All the sophistication without the tipsiness,
we promise…hic!
Lime zest and crushed juniper berries are used
to recreate this classic cocktail.

Lime and Black Pepper -

Rich, dark, tasty and just a little bit hot and spicy. Hmmm. What more could you want?! It works well as a chocolate bar too. Zingy and fresh the lime bursts through the dark chocolate and then as the citrus blast fades a pleasing heat fills your mouth .


Irish Honey -

Creamy milk chocolate laced with honey to give the ultimate sweet tooth amongst you a real buzz.

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