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We are sisters who started experimenting with chocolate in our kitchen in Limerick in the Spring of 2002. We began selling at Limerick Market and got a reputation for being specialists in dark chocolate. When we moved into our Limerick workshop and started supplying to Ireland's fabulous independent delicatessens, we vowed to maintain our artisan production methods and commitment to innovation. We continue to work like chefs, making everything in small batches using fresh ingredients.
We recently moved to County Kerry to join forces with another artisan chocolate company, Skelligs Chocolate. By bringing our two distinct but complementary ranges of chocolate together we can offer an unparalleled choice to chocolate lovers. We also get an amazing view of the sea from our little factory so if you are in the area call in and taste!

We still get excited when we discover an amazing taste combination or when we find a batch of oranges with the perfect zest. The blend of ingredients in our spice chocolate still has the power to amaze us with the effect it has. Freshly toasted hand crushed cardamoms, freshly grated root ginger and a tickle of heat from the dried jalapeņo chilli combine to warm the senses and capture you in a moment of pure, unadulterated pleasure!
We pride ourselves in allowing our imaginations to wander when it comes to flavouring the chocolate, testing new ingredients and different combinations to create intriguing sensations and harmonies with the chocolate: lime zest and black pepper, dark chocolate infused with Norway Spruce pine needles and christmas spices, sea salt. At the same time we give traditional flavours a new lease of life with our approach to the quality of the ingredients. Our vanilla chocolate is infused with copious amounts of succulent Madagascan Vanilla pods. Our zests are freshly grated for each batch giving an incomparable purity and liveliness of flavour. When a chocolate has been made with such care we feel it deserves to be wrapped with the same individual attention. That is why we use vibrant packaging and hand wrap every chocolate.

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We will never get over how lovely it is to hear people say nice things about our chocolates. Our motivation for making them is to give people an experience they'll enjoy, so it's good to know when it works!

"The best chocolates in Ireland"
John McKenna

"One bite and you are ruined; ordinary chocolate doesn't cut it afterwards".
The Sunday Tribune

Darina Allen

"The Most Divine Chocolates you are ever likely to Taste"
The Irish Times

"Wild, Radical Work!"
The Bridgestone Guide

"Ireland's deadliest Chocolate in the Funkiest wrappers"
Food and Wine

"Oh f**k. Oh s**t. Wow."
Mathew Horne ( The Catherine Tate Show)

"Dark chocolate with its complex flavours and textures is where it's at! Spices certainly come to mind, but also nuts, minerals, fruit and even warm, Christmas- cake tastes. Not quite the sort of experience you are going to get from your average sweet counter"
Hugo Arnold 'The Art of Darkness' The Irish Times

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